Wills and Estates Workshops / Clinics

  • Workshops are offered in collaboration with Helm Legal (Off-Reserve Estate Law Firm) and include information regarding: the basics of how a person’s estate is determined on/off-reserve; the types of legal interests that can be passed on through a Will; the manner in which legal interests will be passed on if a person passes away intestate (i.e. without a Will); the legal obligations of a person who is appointed as the administrator of an estate; and planning for incapacity

  • Clinics include: one-on-one interviews with each participant to review and discuss their estate plans; drafting of basic wills for participants

Council Orientation and Legal Obligations Workshops

  • Council members’ fiduciary duties - what are they, what happens when they are breached, and how can a Council ensure to comply with them

  • Human Resources and Employment Law 101 -Effective Selection, Oversight and Management of a CEO

  • Overview of the First Nation’s Indigenous Laws, Indian Act, First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FN Taxation), First Nations Land Management Act / First Nations Land Code, where applicable

  • Council members’ duties and liabilities as shareholders and directors of First Nation-owned businesses

  • Administrative Law Basics for First Nations

    • When can a Council or Council member’s decision be reviewed in the federal court under judicial review;

    • Standards of review and procedural fairness;

    • Remedies that can be granted by the Court; and

    • Best Practices for Council in minimizing the risk of a judicial review proceeding.

Public Speaking / Facilitation

  • Keynotes for events involving Youth-in-Care, Youth Conferences, etc

  • Facilitation of Community and Youth Workshops

  • Facilitation of Strategic Planning Sessions

  • College / University Lectures Re: Aboriginal Law topics