Legal Services Offered


Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Flat Rates Available

100% Aboriginal Owned and Operated Business

First Nation Market Housing Fund Approved Consultant

CONSTITUTIONAL & administrative LAW

  • Federal Court Judicial Reviews

  • Judicial Reviews of Decisions Made by Administrative Tribunals or Statutory Decision-Makers in British Columbia

  • Claims Re: Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act and the BC Human Rights Code


  • Human Resource Manuals and Employee Handbooks

  • Employee and Contractor Agreements

  • Workshops and legal advice with regard to: hiring, lay-offs, bullying and harassment complaints, employee discipline and terminations of employment

  • Represent employers at Canada Labour Code adjudication hearings and in unjust/wrongful dismissal claims

Aboriginal Law – First Nations Governance

  • Constitution Development and Implementation

  • Custom Election Codes

  • Council Governance and Orientation Manuals and Workshops

  • Membership Laws / Codes

  • Consultation and Negotiation Re: Aboriginal Rights and Title, and Government-to-Government Agreements

  • Referrals Processes and Strategic Engagement Agreements

  • On-Reserve Housing Policy Manuals & Forms

  • By-laws under the Indian Act

  • Financial Administration Laws and Policies

  • Dispute Resolution Policies and Workshops, including: Informal Discussions, Facilitated Discussions (Negotiation), Mediation, Dispute Resolution Panels (Adjudication), and Arbitration

Aboriginal Law – On Reserve First Nations Land Management 

  • Advise First Nations on the legal impacts of becoming a Land Code First Nation under the First Nations Land Management Act

  • Individual Agreements and Land Codes for Developmental Land Code First Nations

  • Land Code Laws, Policies and Procedures for Operational Land Code First Nations. For example:

    • Matrimonial Real Property Laws (also under the Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act)

    • Allotment Laws

    • Committees Laws

    • Trespass Laws

    • Fire Protection Laws

    • Zoning Laws

    • Business Licensing Laws

    • Animal Control and Special Events Laws

    • Development and Construction Laws

  • Policies for the management of on-reserve land transactions, such as: allotments, permits, licenses, leases, rights-of-way and easements

  • Dispute Resolution regarding First Nation lands, including disputes related to traditional land holdings and buckshee leases

  • Legal Reviews of Land Use Plans and Environmental Management Plans


  • High School, College and University

  • Conferences

  • Other?