Aboriginal, Constitutional, 

Administrative & Employment Law


My mission is to assist in creating a society where government officials are accountable for their actions, and where individuals procedural and substantive rights are upheld.

I also strive to help indigenous people create and operate governance systems that accurately reflect their legal traditions and that are recognized by Canada's federal and provincial governments.


Sonya Pighin Law’s objectives are to:

  • ensure government officials uphold their obligations under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as under provincial and federal human rights laws;

  • ensure government officials act within their authority and provide for procedural fairness in making decisions that impact upon a person's interests and rights;

  • assist First Nations in developing governance systems that maximize their long term capacity to exercise Aboriginal rights and title

  • assist First Nations in ensuring their languages, cultures, traditions and practices are adequately integrated into their laws, by-laws, policies and procedures;

  • work with First Nations and Aboriginal Organizations to reduce legal risks, maximize economic opportunities, and exercise good governance;

  • provide First Nations and Aboriginal Organizations with flexible, cost-effective fee options for on-site quality legal services; and

  • assist First Nations and Aboriginal Organizations’s in meeting their organizational goals, strategic and community plans, and governance initiatives.


Legal Services Offered

Sonya Pighin Law is a 100% aboriginal-owned business that provides aboriginal, constitutional, administrative and employment law services to First Nation Bands, Tribal Councils, Aboriginal Organizations, Administrative Decision-Makers, and individuals....

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About Sonya Pighin

Sonya is a member of Lheidli T'enneh First Nation and a member of the Gitdumden (Bear/Wolf) Clan of the Wet'suwet'en People. She has an extensive background working within the public service and with indigenous communities in the areas of  law, dispute resolution, human rights, settlement negotiations, mental health and child/family services...

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"Nothing satisfies me more than helping a community revitalize its culture, traditions, and language within laws that are recognized by Canada's modern legal system."

— Sonya Pighin